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Keep Meat Cool by Homemade Walk in Cooler with Coolbot

Looking for meat coolers? The Coolbot is better than walk-in coolers to keep wild game meat cool. Don't waste money on a brand new or used walk in cooler

...be difficult, especially if the animal was highly stressed when killed or if the weather becomes too warm, but it is of paramount importance. If you can't get the meat cooled fast enough (and to the right temperature), you can end up with really gamey tasting meat or spoil the meat entirely, and the whole point of the hunt is wasted. But purchasing and setting up a full walk-in cooler room can be incredibly expensive both in installation, set up, repair and running costs. The Coolbot is able to sufficiently suit your need for a meat coolor, inexpensively and conveniently.

Bacteria multiplies excessively in temperatures of 100°F, which is usually the temperature of an animal when it has been killed. The outside temperature, or the stress of the animal, adds to this factor, and so it is important to get the meat cleaned, cut and chilled to 41°F as soon as possible. Some large game, such as Elk or Moose can be incredibly difficult to cool down, due to their body mass. This cool down process needs to be quick and needs to be done in the first hour ideally. Although opening the carcass and allowing it to receive air circulation helps, the chilling process stops bacteria from multiplying and growing and therefore ensures safe meat for human consumption.

The ideal temperature for storing fresh meat is 40°F, or 34 to 37°F for aging meat. Otherwise, the meat ought to be frozen if you are planning to keep it for more than five days (or in the case of aging meat, it ought to be frozen after a maximum of fourteen days.)

Having a walk-in cooler is beneficial in every respect. First, the carcass can be brought straight into the cooler room, and therefore cooled while the cleaning, deboning and cutting takes place. This ensures that the meat is made healthy and good to eat straight away. Second, you are able to store the meat conveniently and quickly. This all ensures less spoiled meat and guaranteed safe meat.

The Coolbot is great for fresh meat in this manner, because it can transform any highly-insulated room into a walk-in cooler, and cool the room down to 32°F. This is perfect for hunting, because you can bring the carcass into a cooled room quickly and be able to store the meat (once packed) at the ideal temperate of 40°F.

The Coolbot also greatly saves you money and conserves energy - with the Coolbot, you don't need to use the same amount of electricity you would for a traditional walk in cooler. You also save on installation costs as this new (patent pending) technology works with your existing air conditioner and thermostatically controls the room to the ideal temperature, meaning that it takes only a few minutes to set up. The Coolbot has even shown to keep a room at the right temperature with people walking in and out the room, or leaving a door open.

Coolbot is a very convenient and inexpensive item to have during hunting season, allowing you to keep fresh meat safe and healthy without having to invest in an expensive new or used walk in cooler..